29. September 2023

Strolz presents itself at Gustav “Time and Space for Good Taste

We will be at Gustav again this year.
Visit us in hall 13 stand 32.

We are looking forward to it!

08. December 2019

Exhibition: GASTGEBEN – Room(s) for hospitality

Strolz at the exhibition "Gastgeben"

June 22, 2019 - March 14, 2020 / Werkraumhaus, Andelsbuch

In the Bregenzerwald, the practice of hosting guests in private and professional contexts is a vital catalyst for innovative craftsmanship. The trades and crafts, on the other hand, have a lot to offer to hosts – at least when you interpret and practice them like the members of Werkraum Bregenzerwald. Their handcrafted products are sustainable, durable, timeless, functional. They tell stories of place and time, they are authentic, personal, one-of-a-kind, an added bonus for guests looking for something honest and real, something they can relate to and identify with.

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Photo: Roswitha Schneider
10. September 2019

AD Design LE GRAND GUIDE 2019 — Matteo Thun for Strolz


Of craft and time

Between his two offices, the Italian designer keeps 70 assistants busy around the world. For Milan Design Week, Matteo Thun presented a series of wooden chairs called Nudes, his own definition of the sometimes overused expression “handmade in Italy.” Exclusively hand-produced by a family of artisans from a Ligurian fishing village, these ageless seats place craft and the concept of time at the heart of the creative process. M.F.
His latest collaborations: Désirée, Duravit, Fratelli Levaggi, Jaquar, Panzeri, Post Design, Strolz, Venini.


See the report:
Architectual Digest

21. August 2019

Strolz at the 10th handicraft exhibition in Bezau

Inner life - this was the name of the cooperation presentation at this year's jubilee exhibition

Every five years, the Bezau Business Schools become the largest craftsmen center in the four-country region. Bregenzerwald craftsmen present their products and services with love for materials, creativity, innovation and passion. 5 under one roof - Meusburger, Fröwis, Lenz, Strolz. As interior specialists, the joiner's workshop, the floor installer, the stonemason and the lighting manufacturer presented themselves together. The distillery "brenn." additionally gaves insights into their craft. A temporary studio was the showcase for the excellent craftsmanship of the five Bregenzerwald companies.

Strolz press information

29. April 2019

Heirlooms in shape

Strolz Leuchten presents the well-tried lampshade in a new light and also makes found or heirlooms shine again. In our workshop in the center of Bregenz, we are going to restore old lampshades. The almost forgotten lampshade is currently experiencing a revival in interior design.

13. April 2019

Press Coverage AD Magazine Russia — Новые светильники от Matteo Thun & Partners


Маттео и Сюзанна Тун вместе с Антонио Родригесом создали светильники для австрийского бренда Strolz Leuchten.


Press Coverage - AD Magazine Russia

15. March 2019

Green Product Selection for Serie Brera

The International Green Product Award provides a platform for manufacturers, design studios, agencies that excel in their products & services in terms of design, innovation and sustainability.

The Brera series submitted by us has been included in the Green Selection product family.

Green Product Award Selection


Strolz at the International Crafts Fair in Munich
Our light series Brera, was presented on the Green Campus of the craft fair in Munich. With 125,000 visitors and 2500 square meters of space for the presentation and sale of green products, the Green Campus is the largest green marketplace in Europe.

The products of the Green Selection were presented to the public on the 350 sqm special award area.

International Crafts Fair Munich

10. March 2019

TV report: The Bregenzerwald with Strolz Leuchten

Aufgetischt am Sonntag: The Bregenzerwald with Strolz Leuchten
Diving into the Bregenzerwald requires honest interest in the new and in others, starting with the language. Noteworthy is the close cooperation with the craftsmen. Complementing each other determines the quality of the final product. This is best shown by the Werkraum Bregenzerwald, an ingenious association of craft enterprises that exhibit their best pieces. Among the 80 companies that have come together under the roof of the Werkraum, there is also Strolz Leuchten.

Werkraum Bregenzerwald

27. February 2019

Rediscovered old tradition

Real calf parasol screen - hand punched and sewn.
25. February 2019

Quality instead of quantity & less is more

Vivienne Westwood speaks to us from the soul. She says:
"Buy less, choose well and make it last"
This statement is certainly not only valid in the fashion industry and many customers are increasingly taking this sustainable path with us. Away from the throwaway society, towards a clear commitment to the longevity of products. Without any claim to completeness, we understand sustainability as an interaction of both ecological and social aspects. So it's not just about obtaining green resources from local forests, but also about fair working conditions in every step of the production process. Even short transport routes are important, in which we pay attention to regional production.
20. February 2019

Light in motion

Modern hospitality in a historic house, the "Zum Verwalter". Custome made lamps in a noble ambience. More insights
01. February 2019

Pondus reading lamp duo

Custom made - our Pondus reading lamp at different heights above the rooftops of Bregenz.
19. January 2019

Atmospheric lounge at the Werkraum ball

Once again this year, we equipped the lounge on the Werkraum Ball with Strolz lamps. Black Bivius foot, pleated shade with gold interior - a timeless classic.
23. December 2018

Atmospheric glass ball light

Custom made glass ball light for Chalet in the Arlberg region. Beautiful and noble in the daylight, atmospheric in the evening lighting.
15. December 2018

Handwerk + Form: competition and walkabout

This is one of the most significant competitions combining design and craftsmanship and a vital force in establishing relationships between local manufacturers and designers from Austria and abroad. The competition and walkabout Handwerk + Form takes place every three years. The exhibition shows all submitted works in various locations within the community of Andelsbuch - old workshops are adopted as exhibition spaces. 

Handwerk + Form

©Werkraum Bregenzerwald, 2018 Film by Daniel Hager
25. October 2018

Craft + Design at PechaKucha

20 pictures x 20 seconds - That was the guideline for Anna Claudia Strolz at the PechaKucha Night in the Designforum. Dornbirn is one of 1000 cities worldwide that implement this format developed in Japan for presentation events in front of an audience. In this way, Strolz summed up the genesis of the new lamp designs, which were developed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez and Marc Hoffenscher.

Pechakucha Presentation - Craft and Design (German language)    
13. October 2018

Strolz at Craft + Form 2018

We were represented with two design cooperations at Crafts + Form 2018. For this competition, which the Werkraum Bregenzerwald issues every three years, we wanted to enter into an international and a regional cooperation. For both we have found great partners - namely the Milanese architects and designers Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez and the Dornbirner architect Marc Hoffenscher. The parchment lamp Brera and the lamp Petasus with the movable lampshade were exhibited in the old blacksmith's workshop in Andelsbuch.

10. September 2018


Schubert in the candlelight. It's as if he himself heard his music. The drawing "Puttohaft rounded in gentle loveliness" is a subtle play of light and shadow by Martha Griebler (1948 to 2006). The artist came from Lower Austria. In the last ten years of her life, she devoted herself primarily to representations from the environment of the composer Franz Schubert, his music and his circle of friends. Now also available in the webshop
19. August 2018

Collection Masterpieces — Botticelli by Strolz

The painting "The Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli was created around 1485/86 and is regarded as the first female painting of modern times. The client was probably Lorenzo di Pier Francesco de 'Medici. He was in love with Simonetta Vespucci, who stood for the picture model. The goddess of love, Venus, was born out of the miraculous union of heaven and water in a shell. From the left the wind god Zephyr approaches with his wife Chloris. He blows Venus the west wind and drives them to shore. There, spring is waiting with a flower-embroidered robe. A masterpiece of art history, reinterpreted in a product of the Bregenzerwald crafts. Now also available in our online shop
23. July 2018

Werkraum — Alphabet of Life — Nature’s Learning Lab

What design principles might we learn from nature that can be applied to designing, producing and managing life in a resource-efficient and sustainable way? These are the key issues being addressed by the current summer exhibition in the Werkraumhaus, Alphabet of Life – Nature’s Learning Lab. Strategies and patterns evolving for more than 3.8 thousand million years are investigated through the eco-system of a tree. Learning tool is an alphabet made up of 26 Principles of Nature. These form the basis of biomimicry, an approach to design which takes nature as a model... 

Werkraum Bregenzerwald

26. June 2018


That was our RŌMERSTR pop-up event on the weekend. Thank you for your visit and see you soon in the NEW Römerstraße!
25. May 2018

Collection design classic Josef Frank by Strolz

Successful designs from the history of design, newly processed in a product of the Bregenzerwald handicraft. Josef Frank is not only one of the most important Austrian architects of the 20th century. With his textiles and furniture, he also set important impulses for international design. With great botanical interest, he designed his own kind of patterns. His favorites such as daisies, tulip, rose, wind, forget-me-not, violets, crocus and grape hyacinth mix with pure fantasy flowers.
05. May 2018

Bivius table lamp in a new combination

In silky soft three-dimensional velvet.
25. April 2018

Ambience — how can I do it and what role does light play here?

Furniture, floor coverings, wall colors: everything fits, and yet the room is still missing something. Here lies the strength of the right lamps. Luminaires are design objects, provide the desired brightness and a pleasant mood. It depends on the determination of the room, for which type of lamps you decide. There is the right lighting for every purpose.
01. June 2016

Marcopolo TV Italy – Visiting Bregenz and Schwarzenberg

Macropolo TV in Bregenz and Schwarzenberg as part of their Austria tour . A visit to Strolz Leuchten in Bregenz was also on the program. We are also proud of the report about our hometown Schwarzenberg. (Italian language)
01. January 2016

Video — The crafts dance — No. 1

Craftsmanship from the Bregenzerwald is set in motion with the help of dance. A collaboration between netzwerkTanz, Miss Müller & Söhne and Strolz Leuchten.