Edition Fink lampshade

Fink edition, cylinder painting wall

Flipped and glued - this time in the form of lamp shades as a result of the collaboration of Tone Fink and Strolz. The Bregenz based artist has tackled the challenges of the cylindrical canvas with different techniques. This resulted in "thorns" and "ponds" made of pasty acrylic paints, dynamically harmonious "script writing exercises" with textile pencil and "injuries" with sharp cuts. Each of the 17 lamp shades of this edition bears the unmistakable signature of Tone Fink and is an exclusive and unique piece.

Technical details

Model: LSE517FINK
Type: Lampshade
Lampshade: Fink edition, cylinder painting wall
Light irradiation: Alle Richtungen
Dimensions (cm): Schirm H 24 / DM 40